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Ford/Lincoln Air Suspension- Changing air springs on a Town Car
Author: Eddie Spinks of American Air Suspension



1) Turn off suspension switch in trunk.

2) Jack up rear of vehicle and put on jackstands "UNDERNEATH THE FRAME...not the rear axle! Rear suspension needs to hang.

3) To release the air inside the air spring, remove solenoid retaing clip and twist solenoid until it stops at its first stop. (air should escape rapidly)

4) Remove 2 pin connector from solenoid on air spring. Remove air line from solenoid.

5) Go in between the top of the tire and fender lip and remove lock clip where the top of the air spring goes through the upper brace.

6) If bottom of air spring has not yet unhooked from axle housing,use a pry bar and seperate it from the perch.

7) If the spring has not yet fallen out, just pull on it and remove.


1) Put top of spring in its mounting area and connect air line and solenoid connector.When installing a "non-inflated" air spring, use a floor jack or something,(closing the area between the axle and spring, will hold the spring in place) to raise up the rear axle so the bottom of the spring will drop into place on the axle.


2) Turn suspension switch back on and turn the ignition to the on position.

3) Push down metal tab and disconnect height sensor on its bottom mount. Collapse or push the sensor together.

NOTE:This makes the module "think" the car is real low, and the module will signal the compressor to come on.

4) After the compressor comes on for about 15 seconds(no wrinkles in spring), connect the sensor back to its ball stud.


6) Turn the ignition switch off as well.

7)Install lock clip back on the top of the air spring.

8) Take vehicle off of jackstands.

9) Crank up car and let the compressor run until it stops.

Your all done and you saved yourself a ton of money

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