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Ford/Lincoln Air Suspension- Town Car Compressor Replace
Author: Eddie Spinks of American Air Suspension


Turn suspension switch OFF in trunk compartment.

On the drivers side under the hood, remove air filter housing. (3-13mm nuts and loosen clamp on air tube and remove from housing and disconnect connector(s))

Remove 2 x (usually 5/16) screws securing washer fluid reservoir to fender, disconnect water line, electrical connector & lay reservoir down away from working area preferably in a way where the washer fluid won't leak out while working on car).

Remove thin plastic flap that covers compressor compartment.

The next step refers to removing the air line. As long as there are no leaks in the rear air springs and the suspension switch is turned off first, the rearend WILL NOT sink down when removing the air line. Air won't go past the solenoids. When removing the air line, you will get a quick small burst of air, but this is just line pressure and is nothing to worry about.(the air pressure between the dryer and solenoids)

Remove air line from dryer. Click HERE for help in removing air line

Remove 4 pin connector from compressor.

Reach underneath inner fenderwell, and remove 3-10mm nuts from the bottom and remove compressor from the top.

If the compressor you are replacing is a '94 or later, you must remove snorkel hose from behind headlight.


Install replacement compressor into mounting area making sure all 3 mounting studs go all the way through and install & tighten 3 mounting nuts from the bottom.

If the compressor you are installing is a '94 or later, you must reinstall snorkel hose from behind headlight to it will get its air from a higher point.

Reconnect 4 pin electrical connector.

Insert air line into dryer hole until it stops. (you can't go too far)

Reinstall thin plastic flap that covers compressor compartment.

Reconnect water line & electrical connector(s) onto washer reservoir.

Reinstall washer fluid bottle to fender using the 2 screws.

Reinstall filter housing. (tighten clamp on air tube and reconnect connectors on air filter housing)

NOTE: Failing to reconnect the electrical connectors on the air filter housing before starting vehicle will cause the Check Engine light to come on.

Turn suspension switch ON in trunk compartment.

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