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1993-1998 LINCOLN MARK VIII - Air Suspension Diagnosis & Repair
Author: Eddie Spinks of American Air Suspension

The "Factory Trained" Suspension Experts!
Solving Thousands Of Air Suspension Problems Since 1997!

Lincoln Mark VIII Air Suspension Diagnosis & Repair

Can I drive my Lincoln Mark VIII with a Failed Air Suspension?
Depending on what failed and to what degree, yes & no.
If the vehicle still has a good bit of air remaining in the air bladder, yes, with the suspension switch off, you could probably drive the vehicle for awhile. Keep in mind that with the air suspension switch turned off(as the owner's manual recommends), what is working in the system will not try to make ANY adjustments. With this is mind, if the system has leak(s) it will go down especially while driving and not even try to keep it pumped up. Why not keep the suspension switch turned on? Depending on what's wrong with the system, if there's a malfunction in the system, you want to turn it off where nothing can over-pump and possibly explode an air bladder.
If your vehicle has very little to no air in the bladders, driving your vehicle is a major safety risk to you and anyone around you! When there's no air in the air spring, the only suspension your riding on is the air in the tires!.....and you'll see real quick that's nothing to speak of. The suspension will be so hard, so abrupt that the vehicle could easily change directions because of hitting just 1 bump.

The Basics of a Mark VIII Air Suspension System

*The different Stages of a Leak*


Test for leaks

How to replace the air compressor

How do I reseal my solenoids?

How do I convert my "long"(Frt.) solenoids to "short"(rear) solenoids

How to find out whats wrong without a scanner

How to Pull code(s) with a scanner

Air Suspension Parts Locations

Expected Resistance & Voltage Readings


Right after the compressor comes on, the vehicle lowers for 10-15 seconds

What does the Solenoids do?

Is this "Out of Position" O-Ring the reason it's leaking down?

Whats the big deal about moisture?

I replaced my air springs, but it's still going down

I replaced the air springs & resealed the solenoids. It's still going down

The compressor is leaking between the compressor flange and dryer

The rear of my car goes down sometimes during the night

Check air suspension light comes on
Is What do the sensors look like?

Door ajar light on, compressor won't come on, but no check suspension light

The air line(s) in the dryer is loose

On the rear, one side is lower/higher than the other side

My vehicle blew the end of the dryer off. What happened?

The front end goes down overnight

The rear end goes down overnight

I get an "intermittent" check suspension light on after 90 seconds

I hear a "hiss" noise when I lean on my car

I just got my car back from the shop, now its leaking

I just got my car back from the shop, now the car is high

Can the leak be from just the solenoids?

Where is the compressor relay located?

Why does my car leak one day, but not the next?

If my air susp. is leaking, why does only the front go down?

If my air susp. is leaking, why does only the rear go down?

Is there any order that the air lines go into the dryer

My Mark VIII drives stiff

The "Check Suspension" light comes on after I reach approx. 65 mph

The lower mounting bolt is rusted, what do I do?

Disconnecting air lines from a dryer/solenoid

I've had to replace my compressor several times, is it bad parts or what?

I lost one of the little orange rings on the dryer, will it leak?

How do I disconnect the sensor from the "ball Stud"?

How hard is it to do the coil conversion?

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