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  2000-2006 BMW X5 Air Suspension Conversion Kit W/Module 3.0-4.4L
BMW X5 Air Suspension Conversion Kits 4 Wheel
"Solving Thousands of Suspension Problems Since 1997"
Our Price: $1,799.00
Sale Price: $1,699.00 > CALL for Our Best Deal!

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Part #: 0006BMWX5CV

Part Description F.A.Q.'s?
BMW X5 Air Suspension Conversion Kit

2000-2006 BMW X5 *
Front & Rear Conversion Kit W/Module
(3.0 & 4.4L Engine Only)

No Other Parts Needed for Conversion
Brand Name Premium Powder-Coated Coil Springs

Brand Name German Struts
* Includes Suspension Light-Out Module *

Illustrated Instructions
Toll-Free Install Help
Lifetime Warranty

Is the Air Suspension on your BMW X5 Really Worth the
Cost & Unreliability?

BMW X5 Self Level Inactive

Having Air Suspension Problems on a 2000-2006 BMW X5? Although the X5 usually gives warning signs before total failure, it seems most people won’t take these warning signs seriously until they are forced too. Why spend anywhere from $1k to $8k on a BMW Air suspension repair unless you have too, right? The result is an X5 kneeling down on all fours in the driveway one morning resembling a pancake. It’s so low that you can’t move it out of the driveway without ripping valuable plastic and sheet-metal from its body. What’s even worse? Even the most experienced flat-bed wrecker driver will refuse to pick up your X5 because it’s so low. They’re fully aware of the damage that can be done, and has been done in the past to vehicles with only an inch or so of clearance. They know that at best, they get paid $150. At worst, they have to SPEND $2,500+ out of their pocket to replace the parts they damaged during the load & unloading of your X5 onto their wrecker. The majority of the time, they will simply take the safe route and refuse the tow. So, even if you were willing to put $8k into a 10+ year old BMW, how will you get it to the mechanic?

BMW X5 Air Suspension Failure

While being down a vehicle may not sound like that big of a deal to some, for those of us with families, it always seems to raise everyone’s blood pressure, one way or another. Even if you are lucky enough to afford a back-up vehicle, isnt there a reason that car is a back-up? The back-up car never rides as nice, never gets as good a gas mileage. Think about what kind of turmoil all of the sudden being down one vehicle would cause. Your X5 is down for the count, you can’t drive to work, you can’t take the kids to school & you can’t go to the grocery store. It seems the general consensus is, ….“If my Air Suspension ever goes bad, I’m going to blah-blah”. The most important thing to understand about air suspension is that it’s just like brakes, tires and clutches. All are wear items and all will need replacement at one time or another. If it’s not done correctly, those same parts made need to replaced more than once.

Unfortunately, it’s been our experience over the years that only 1 in 20 mechanics are efficient at diagnosing an BMW Air Suspension system. While they can usually get it working after a while, the majority will simply throw parts at the vehicle until either they get lucky and fix it, or YOU the customer run out of money! Sounds like a win-win for the “untrained mechanic” either way, doesnt it?

An BMW X5 Air Suspension system, with its compressor, rubber air bladders, sensors, solenoids & miles of wiring usually lasts 7 years or so before the smaller, lesser expensive parts start failing. While the bigger, more expensive parts go bad right at the 10 year mark, like an alarm clock it seems.

BMW X5 Air Suspension Failure

With all of that being said, if your X5 is 10+ years old, the air suspension system on your BMW WILL soon require some major repair costs. Remember, it’s not a matter of IF it will fail......but more like when! Being that it's almost impossible to drive a X5 with a malfunctioning air suspension system, you must decide if it’s best FOR YOU to spend thousands of dollars on a 10+ year old X5….or simply make it more reliable by removing the air suspension system completely and installing an Air Suspension Conversion Kit for a BMW X5. Our kits require no drilling, cutting or welding. They come with illustrated instructions and offer a toll-free tech line in case your mechanic gets stuck on something during the install.

BMW X5 Air Suspension Schem

What are some of the signs of Air Suspension Failure?
* Computer generated "Suspension Messages" or "Check Suspension" lights on while driving *

* Hearing the on-board air compressor run more than it used too and/or it's just louder that it was *

* The Front and/or Rear is down after sitting for awhile *

* During cold temperatures, the car goes down and won't pump itself up *

* Hissing noise when weight is added to the vehicle *

What Could Be Wrong?
#1 Air spring(s) could be leaking ($1,500 each x 4)
#2 Air Compressor ($1,500+)
#3 Sensors = $400+ each
#4 Module = $$$$$
#5 Solenoids
#6 Wiring Problem=$100-$150 per hour, until the problem is fixed
#7 Capable Mechanic that can diagnose system =Good Luck!
(we've found out only 1 in 20 mechanics know how to diagnose air problems)

Advantages of Converting to a Conventional Coil Spring Suspension?
#1) Converting to Coil Springs is like going back "Old-School". No magic, no mystery....just good old fashioned reliability. A solid Steel coil spring keeps you & your family from being stuck on the side of the road, rather than a 2mm thick piece of rubber and some air!

#2) Converting to Coil Springs Saves You Money Now & Later on! You'll spend a fraction of the cost to convert, but then....You're Done. No frequent trips to the dealer for them to "try" other parts trying to fix your air suspension.

#3) Our springs have a Lifetime Warranty. All our kits include the Best Coil Springs on the planet, so matter how long you own your car, you're covered. As apposed to the air suspension, where if you keep the vehicle long enough....you'll have to do the same repair over again.

#4) One less thing in a High-Tech world to worry about. These newer cars with air suspension, with their compressor, rubber air bladders, multiple sensors, solenoids & miles of wiring, are great when they're new. The newness quickly wears off when you find out how much it's going to cost to keep the the factory system maintained.

Best thing?
The entire kit costs about the same as
1 replacement OEM Air Spring!

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