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The Ford Crown Victoria came with a pretty basic, rear only load-leveling air suspension system. While repairing this system is fairly easy, the diagnosis part is what usually throws people for a loop. It's such a specialized area, over the years we have found that only 1 in 20 mechanics are efficient at diagnosing these systems. What does that mean? Most of the time they basically throw parts at the vehicle until they either get lucky and fix it.....or the customer runs out of money!

Here at American Air Suspension, we can assist you in diagnosing the air system and supply you with the best affordable replacement airbags, suspension air compressor, dryer and solenoids if you are set on keeping the air suspension. To prove our abilities, we have provided some diagnostic help towards the bottom of this page.

For those who want to watch how much they spend on a 15+ year old car, you could perform a coil spring conversion on your Crown Vic and be done with those expensive repairs forever! No unexpected suspension failures, no specially trained tech to diagnose, just a good old fashioned suspension any mechanic can work on!

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Ford Crown Victoria Air Suspension Compressor Crown Victoria Airbag
Ford Crown Victoria Air Suspension Compressor
Price:$175.00>Includes $25 refundable core charge

1992-2002 Crown Victoria

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Ford Crown Vic Air Suspension Dryer 92-04

1992-2004 Crown Victoria

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