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LS430 Air Suspension Conversion
LS430 air suspension conversion

Application: 2000-2006 LS430 Only

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2000-2006 LS430 Air Suspension Conversion

LS430 Air Suspension Conversion

If you're having air suspension problems on a Lexus LS430, don't spend a dime on the air suspension, without giving an LS430 Air Suspension Conversion some serious thought. Your Lexus is approx. Ten years old, you can bet the airbags need replacing. This vehicle has a total of 4, so if you have one leaking, it is a good rule of thumb to replace all four at the same time. The problem with being pro-active on the air suspension on an LS430 is that each air strut costly approx. $1,200 each! That's not including a compressor, solenoid, electronic module or solenoids. That's just four parts in a system of 15! The better move would be to convert the vehicle to conventional coil springs. Our kit for the Lexus LS430 will instantly eliminate your air suspension problems forever while retaining the factory ride height forever! Conversion requires no cutting, drilling or welding.

This LS430 Air Suspension Conversion Includes:

  • The Best Coil Springs Pre-assembled on Premium Front struts.
  • The Best Coil Springs Pre-assembled on Premium Rear struts.
  • Easy to follow instructions clearly show technicians how to install the new conversion kit.
  • Easy to follow instructions included to cancel out the suspension message on your Lexus.
  • These high-quality LS430 parts are proudly made in the United States.
  • The LS430 Air Suspension Conversion is equipped with a lifetime warranty to provide added security and comfort for an extended period.

Why Buy LS430 Suspension Parts From American Air Suspension?

Expert Experience You Can Trust

Nobody knows these systems better! The owner of American Air Suspension(AAS) was a Ford/Lincoln Certified Air Suspension Expert for over 20 years. During this time, he quickly learned what the best parts were and which parts to leave for "the other guys". You can trust AAS to bring you only the best parts available for your Lexus LS430 Suspension. Learn More About Us »

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Lexus LS430 Air Suspension Help and Common Problems

What about the computer? Won't the suspension light come on?

No. Our kit comes with instructions how to quickly & easily defeat the suspension warning message forever.

Why is your kit better than others?

Our LS430 Air Suspension Conversion is comprised of the absolute best Struts and Coil Springs available! For more in-depth information or product questions, don't hesitate to contact us at 1-866-211-7531 or email us.

Does my mechanic have to cut or weld anything?

No, never. These kits are designed to be a bolt-on installation. Installation instructions are included.

Do I need to have an alignment done afterward?

Yes. It is recommended to have a 4 wheel alignment done after a week or so after the conversion kit is installed.

How many hours does it take for the conversion?

Average install time is usually 3-5 hours times the shops labor rate. But this can vary greatly depending on the shop.

Will the car sit lower than it did with the air?

No, the normal ride height will be really close to the stock factory ride height.

2000-2006 Lexus
LS430 Air Suspension Conversion Install:

LS430 Air Suspension Conversion
When installing an LS430 Air Suspension Conversion on ANY vehicle be sure to follow all safety procedures. Make sure that when you lift your vehicle, that you're using a sturdy and dependable jack and jack stands and that the car is parked on a flat and level surface. Failure to do so can result in the vehicle sliding off it's supports and onto you! Make sure you have or can obtain all the tools required beforehand. A list of the tools needed is below, but gloves and especially eye protection should be standard equipment on any job.
Be sure to follow the instructions in the specified order, as they are laid out in a particular order for a reason. Improper installation and even installation in the incorrect order can cause damage to these parts that are NOT covered under your warranty! Always take precaution not to exceed the gross vehicle weight rating recommended by the manufacturer.

These instructions are furnished only to give you an idea of the task at hand. When installing your kit, please use the instructions furnished with the kit, as they will include pictures to aid with the install as well as air suspension warning light disarming instructions.

Tools Needed for LS430 Air Suspension Conversion:
Metric Socket Set
Floor Jack
Jack stands
Metric Wrenches
Screwdrivers(Phillips-head & Flat-head)
Wire Cutters/stripper/crimping tool
Level Work area
Allen Wrenches

We recommend this installation in 5 general categories:
Read general service precaution
Support the vehicle in a level area
Remove air suspension air struts
Install conversion struts
Disable ride control

* Disconnect negative battery cable.
* Remove front wheels
* Remove the plastic covers under the hood, covering the front struts.
* Lift cover and unplug the connector from the strut sensor. Next, remove the sensor by turning the sensor counter-clockwise and lifting up.
* "Loosen Only" the remaining three strut retaining nuts(do NOT remove at this time).
* Remove air line grommet that is located on the inner fender, near the exhaust manifolds. Move grommet back to expose air line leading into the strut. This line requires a special tool from Toyota to remove without damage, or you can just cut the line. Keep in mind air pressure will be released at that time!
* Remove the height sensor rod from the lower control arm.
* Remove the sway bar link bolt.
* Remove the brake line bracket bolt and remove bracket from the upper control arm.
* Support the lower control arm from dropping. Remove the ball joint retaining clip and nut. Separate the upper control arm from the spindle arm and lay spindle arm back.
* Remove the lower strut mounting nut and bolt.
* Remove the upper three strut nuts that were loosened previously and lower the control arm and remove the strut. You may need to pry down on the lower arm to remove strut.
* IMPORTANT: SAVE the two triangle shaped rings from the top of the strut. These will be reused on the new strut.

* Repeat procedure for the other side.

* Remove the three nuts from the top of the new strut and install the LOWER triangular spacer you saved from the factory strut over the studs.
* Place the new strut up into the vehicle so that the three studs fit up through the three holes in the fender.
NOTE: Lower strut mount must also line up in it's bracket!
* Place the UPPER triangular spacer ring over the studs. Now install the three nuts on the studs, but DO NOT tighten at this time.
* Place the LOWER strut mount into the lower control arm bracket and install bolt, then tighten. NOTE: You may need to pry down on control arm to fit lower mount into bracket.
* Raise the lower control arm 2 to 3 inches while aligning the spindle arm to reconnect the ball joint. Tighten ball joint nut and replace retaining clip.
* Reconnect swaybar link and height sensor rod and tighten bolts.
* Reinstall brake line bracket.
* Install wheels and torque lug nuts to factory specs.
* When vehicle is back on the ground, tighten the three stud nuts. NOTE: Make sure you have reinstalled the upper triangular support ring under the nuts!
* Install sensor cover on top of the three studs using the original nuts.

* Repeat procedure for the other side.
Front LS430 Air Suspension Conversion is now complete.

NOTE: You may notice that the red coil spring may touch the spindle arm when the tire is off the ground. When the vehicle is on the ground, the spring will no longer touch the arm. Repeat the procedures for the other side.

* Before lifting the vehicle, the rear seat upper section must be removed to access the upper rear strut mounts. Do to the extensive amount of electrical components in the seat, refer to a shop manual to remove the seat back.
* Remove the strut cover under the rear deck. Then remove the wire connector to the strut, then the strut sensor. Now remove the three remaining nuts holding the strut in place.
* Raise the vehicle and remove wheels.
* Strut should have dropped from the upper stud holes. remove lower strut mounting nut, while holding strut, remove strut from stud.
* Remove the air line at the top of the strut. This line requires a special tool from toyota to remove, or just cut the line. Keep in mind that a small burst of air pressure will be present!
* Remove strut from vehicle.

* Repeat procedure for the other side.

* Lower the car so you can reach the upper strut mounting area behind the seat.
* Remove the nuts from the new strut and place the strut up into the car. Align the studs with the existing holes in the car to allow it to seat up into place.
* Inside the car, install the support ring over the studs and install nuts. Tighten nuts.
* Next install lower strut mount onto the bottom stud, install nut and tighten. NOTE: You may need to pry down on the control arm to install the lower strut onto the stud.
* Repeat procedure for the other side.
* Install wheels and lower car.
* Install rear seat.
Front and Rear LS430 Air Suspension Conversion is now complete.

We highly recommend having a four wheel alignment done after a week or so
(after the springs settle)
Nobody Has a Better

Lexus LS430 Air Suspension Conversion

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  20 of 20 people found the following review helpful:
Extremely happy with the results April 5, 2016
Reviewer: G. Walker from Iowa City, IA.  
Extremely happy with the results. If I had known the ride would be this good, I'd a done this long ago. Thanks American Suspension!

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  22 of 22 people found the following review helpful:
We are thrilled with the results April 5, 2016
Reviewer: Ron and Gina Eden from Pensacola,FL.  
Hi Eddie, After much research to find the very best conversion kit available, Im so happy to have found American Air Suspension. Our 2002 Lexus LS430 has the Ultra Package with the air. With 172,000 miles on the odometer (second owner), we still love the car, but the air shocks were seeping causing the air compressor to run more frequently and fail before long. Not wanting to sell the car, but only wanting to keep it if the suspension could be converted to a conventional one, and one that retained the smooth luxury ride that is so addictive in this car. Since each replacement AIR shock is approximately $1k each, and I didnt even price the cost of the compressor, it was cost prohibitive to go that route. After speaking with you, I was confident to go ahead with purchasing one of your conversion kits. The most important thing to me, other than the fact that your entire kit costs about the same as ONE replacement air shock, was to ensure that we would still have that familiar smooth ride. And since you carry the highest quality coil over shocks-KYB with Eibach springs-you can buy, I was sure we would be pleased.
We ordered the kit and you had it shipped to the shop (Bobby Likis Car Clinic in Pensacola, Florida) and had it there on time. Thank you for the prompt shipping. They installed the kit with no problems as the kit was very complete and impressive, and then did a four-wheel alignment. They did a great job.
The car now rides as good, if not better, than ever! It feels more solid and stable than it did before, and the handling is a little more crisp. It feels great on the road, tracks perfectly, and theres that luxury ride that is second to none.....its still there. Heres what you miss-never hearing the air compressor again, not seeing one (at least) of the corners of your car sagging, or looking forward to a $6k-$8k original suspension replacement bill! I highly recommend this system by American Air....we are thrilled with the results. There actually is a wonderful alternative for everyone in our situation.

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  6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
IMO you cant buy a better kit from a better co. March 21, 2016
Reviewer: Daniel J. from Houston, TX  
How often do you get to speak with the owner of the company when ordering parts? Ed is a great guy and probably the most knowledgeable saleman Ive ever spoke with. IMO you cant buy a better kit from a better company!

Thanks for all your help,

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  8 of 8 people found the following review helpful:
This converter kit makes my ls430 ride wonderful December 4, 2015
Reviewer: Chris H. from Seattle,Wa.  
I'm not sure what to say, all I know is this converter kit makes my ls430 ride wonderful again! No more cold weather breakdowns, no more weekly visits to my mechanic. Thanks again Eddie. :->

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  3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
Drives better than new!!! November 11, 2015
Reviewer: Scott C. from Iowa City, IA.  
Dont wait like I did! I should have converted my 430 five years ago! I paid my local dealership over $2,500 the last 2 years to keep the air working and now I have NOTHING to show for it. I get this kit from AAS and Im done. Thanks Eddie!!!!

Was this review helpful to you?