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Lincoln Mark VIII Air Suspension Parts

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Looking for airbags for the front of your Mark VIII? The OEM front airbags were discontinued from Ford in early 2015 and are no longer available.

The only Mark VIII front airbags available are the so-called "rebuilt" ones from a shady business in south Fl., where the ONLY thing they do to them is replace the rubber bladder. The downside is, nothing is done to the existing hydraulics(shock part of the strut). In other words, they put a new air bladder on a strut that has 100k-300k miles on them! We know this first hand because we use to get struts from them years ago. It wound up being a disaster when we found out 1 out of 3 struts they sold had an issue.
Either way, if you get lucky and get one of their struts with decent hydraulics, don't get too excited, as the struts normally last 2, maybe 3 years before they start leaking air.

The only other source we are aware of is a cheap Chinese knockoff parts place called We*tar. They sell an even cheaper version of the old Arnott struts of a few years ago. Between the egg-shaped solenoid housing and the eventual internal knocking noise on bumps, this is another major gamble.

What do we recommend? At this point in time, there is no sure-fire way to keep the air suspension working as designed. That's why we recommend converting your Lincoln Mark VIII to coil springs.
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Lincoln Mark VIII Air Suspension Compressor - Rebuilt Lincoln Mark VIII Airbag - Rear
Lincoln Mark VIII Air Suspension Compressor
Price:$249.00+ Get $25 Back If You Return Core Within 30 Days

1993-1998 Mark VIII

Lincoln Mark VIII Air Suspension- Solenoid Lincoln Mark VIII Rear Shock Kit


1993-1998 Mark VIII Rear Shocks
Air Suspension Compressor Relay Air Suspension Compressor Relay Connector
Air Suspension Compressor Relay Connector
List Price:$66.85

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Mark VIII Air Suspension Parts

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