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  Lincoln Mark VIII Airbag
Lincoln Mark VIII Airbag - Rear

Application: 1993-1998 Mark VIII Rear Only

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1993-1998 Lincoln Mark VIII Airbag

Lincoln Mark VIII Airbag

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Because a failed Lincoln Mark VIII Airbag can easily damage other parts in the system, the key to keeping the repair cost down on your Mark VIII Air Suspension system and cut down on vehicle downtime, is to repair any problems as soon as they occur! A simple leaking $1 o-ring can easily damage a $600 Lincoln Air Suspension Compressor.....which can even lead to a damaged solid state Air Suspension Compressor relay for your Lincoln Mark VIII. Keep in mind that a Lincoln Airbag generally lasts 5-10 years, with a few more added if the vehicle is/was garage kept at some time during its life. If the rear of your Lincoln is down in the morning, at least 1 Lincoln Mark VIII Airbag is leaking. As with all airbags, it is highly recommended to replace those in pairs. Procrastination will surely cost you more in the long run, as more & more already old parts will be damaged from being overworked. Don't take a chance when you can get a new Lincoln Mark VIII Airbag for a fraction of what the dealer wants.

This Lincoln Mark VIII Airbag Includes:

  • New Direct replacement Unit...NOT rebuilt.
  • Seals to reseal your solenoids.

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Lincoln Mark VIII Air Suspension Help and Common Problems

Does this Lincoln Mark VIII Airbag come with a solenoid?

No. This airbag does not include a replacement solenoid, but it does include new seals to reseal your existing solenoids. being in the business for over 30 years we can tell you with faith that the stock factory Ford solenoid was an outstanding design. They rarely fail....but MUST be resealed after removal and especially if the airbag(new surface to seal on) is being replaced.

Why is your Lincoln Mark VIII Airbag better?

Times are tough for everyone, so sometimes we have no choice but to source out parts from other countries if they're not economically available through US manufacturers. Let's be honest, would you want to spend $700 for a pair of New Ford OEM airbags on a 20-year-old Mark VIII that's worth $2,000 with a full tank of gas? I'm guessing probably not. It's been our experience being in this business for over 30 years that there is good China stuff......and bottom of the barrel China stuff. ALL our parts, including our airbags, are parts we use and have used over the years ourselves in our own vehicles. It's quite simple, if we have a problem with a part, we won't carry it! As long as we've been in the business, we know the good from the bad and can see a junk part a mile away.

Is this aftermarket airbag as good as the New Ford airbag?

No. But if you do the math they're a bargain any day of the week! A New OEM Ford Lincoln Mark VIII Airbag lasts approx. 10 years and costs $350 EACH which works out to cost $35 per year. Compare that to a good aftermarket airbag that lasts approx. 8 years and costs $109 which works out to very low cost of $13.62 a year!

Is replacing a Lincoln Mark VIII airbag something a DIY guy could do?

It's impossible for us to know your mechanical abilities, but if you're mechanically inclined and are good working on cars, I would recommend trying this job!

Is it a good idea to replace the air suspension dryer at the same time?

Absolutely! It is a good idea to replace the dryer. Due to the low mounting position of the air suspension compressor on Mark VIII, they have always had a problem with excessive moisture. Keep in mind that an excessive moisture problem can easily take out even a New Ford air suspension compressor costing $600 or more. In a nutshell, if you want to keep the air suspension but you don't want to break down constantly.....fix any leaks immediately and keep the system dry! If you're not willing to spend some money and time keeping the system up, we would highly recommend doing a spring conversion on your Mark VIII .

Do I need to return my old airbags?

Absolutely not. These are brand new parts and DO NOT require an old part return.

After oil change, AirBags Leak

Dry Rotted airbag

If you're experiencing a leaking air suspension system after a recent oil change, believe it or not, your problem was there all along. Having the suspension extend for something as simple as an oil change can aggravate an existing leak rather easy and push an already old and dry rotted rubber bladder over the edge. How? The rubber air bladder on a Lincoln Mark VIII airbag gets old and dry-rotted with age. This old rubber gets used to being used in a certain range of motion. Then all the sudden, the old dry-rotted airbag is allowed to extend out with the suspension and the old dry-rotted rubber is stretched. Did the oil change cause the leak? No. While the oil change didn't cause the leak, it did accelerate the leak. In other words, instead of the airbag leaking 4-6 months from now.....it's leaking now.

RULE OF THUMB: A Lincoln Airbag will always leak the worst while being driven and because the system is all automatic, you may have had a leak for 6 months or more without you even knowing.

Looking on the positive side, the leak is bad enough now to alert you something is wrong. If you went for another 6 months with it leaking a little, you may have damaged other parts in the meantime.

One important thing to remember on Ford & Lincoln air suspension systems, is that an hour after the ignition is turned off, the system will automatically go to sleep. After the system goes to sleep, NO ADJUSTMENTS will be made(raise or lower)......and because there are solenoids on each airbag, no air should escape. If the rear end does go down, THATS AN INDICATION OF A LEAK!
Keep in mind that the first thing a lot of people do when the air suspension does something they don't understand, is replace either the module or the solenoids. While having a bad module or solenoid is a possibility, it is a pretty rare occasion.
As far as a bad solenoid goes, the real truth is that the Ford/Lincoln solenoids are a very good and dependable design. They very rarely go bad internally(internal bypass is very rare), but IT IS CRITICAL that they are to be resealed if they're removed.....and especially if the air spring is replaced! While not re-sealing the solenoids may not cause a leak right away, IT WILL cause a leak in the near future.
The truth is that an airbag leaking one night....and not the rest of the week....IS A TEXTBOOK AIR SUSPENSION LEAK.....early in the stages of a leak anyway. As time goes on, and/or temperatures drop, the frequency of the leak down will increase.
What is the problem?
In a nutshell, unless the solenoids have been removed in the past and not resealed, an overnight leak down problem WILL BE a bad air spring and it is ALWAYS recommended to replace these in pairs. They are the exact same age, so if one is leaking, the other won't be far behind!

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