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  Lincoln Mark VIII Airbag - D/S
Lincoln Mark VIII Airbag - D/S

Application: 1993-1998 Mark VIII Drivers Side Front Only
Note: Being Discontinued from Ford. Get'em while you still can!

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Availability: Limited Availability
Part#: 9398NEWLFMK8STR

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1993-1998 Lincoln Mark VIII Airbag - LF

Lincoln Mark VIII Front Airbag - D/S

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Without a doubt, the very best Lincoln Mark VIII Airbag in the world is....and always has been, the New Ford O.E.M. Airbag! There's not an aftermarket part made that can even come close to providing as good a Ride for your Lincoln Mark VIII or that can last as long. Because these are New, American Air Suspension offers these with No Core Charge and No Core return! In other words, no need to send back your old parts when you're done, because these are New....Not Rebuilt! Don't take a chance on a 10+ year-old rebuilt Lincoln Mark VIII Airbag with worn out and/or binding hydraulics when you can get the same part the dealer carries at a much lower price.

This Lincoln Mark VIII Airbag Includes:

  • New Drivers Side Front Airbag Assembly.
  • New Ford Solenoid.

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Lincoln Mark VIII Air Suspension Help and Common Problems

Does this Lincoln Mark VIII Airbag come with a solenoid?

Yes. This airbag DOES include a new solenoid already installed from Ford.

I heard these were discontinued from Ford. Can you still get them?

For the time being yes. There is still some scattered around the US, the only question is price. Whenever something gets discontinued from Ford, the price can skyrocket and thats why they are now on "Call for Availability". It usually adds to the time for receiving the part also. Instead of being delivered in a week, it may take a month or better in some situations.

Are these a New Ford airbag?

YES....this is the same exact New Front Lincoln Mark VIII Airbag you would get from a dealer....only cheaper.

Is replacing a front Lincoln Mark VIII Airbag something a DIY guy could do?

It's impossible for us to know your mechanical abilities, but if you're mechanically inclined and are good working on cars, you could probably do this! Look below for instructions on this.

Will a leak at a line connection at the dryer or solenoid make the front go down?

No. A leak at any line connection will simply make the system less efficient. In other words instead of taking say 20 seconds to pump up normally, an excessive leak at a line connection would extend the pumping time to maybe 30 or 45 seconds. Keep in mind that per the Ford shop manual, a "little leak" is actually considered normal. Because the system is designed with solenoids that lock in the air in the airbag, Ford figures a small leak won't be enough to cause a problem.

How do I install this part?

The instructions for installing a Lincoln Mark VIII Airbag is on the passenger side page.

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