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  1993-1998 Lincoln Mark VIII Air Spring - Rear
Lincoln Mark VIII Air Spring - Rear
"Solving Thousands of Suspension Problems
Since 1997"
Our Price: $109.00

Part Availability: Usually Ships Out in 1 to 2 Days
Part #: 9398MK8SPR

Part Description F.A.Q.'s?
Lincoln MarkVIII Air Suspension Conversion Kit

1993-1998 Lincoln Mark VIII

Rear Air Spring

Recommended by MARKVIII.ORG!

New Direct Replacement
1 Year Warranty

Because a failed Air Suspension part can easily damage other parts in the system, the key to keeping the repair cost down on your Air Suspension system and cut down on vehicle downtime, is to repair any problems as soon as they occur! A simple leaking $1 o-ring can easily damage a $600 Air Suspension Compressor.....which can even lead to a damaged solid state Air Suspension Compressor relay for your Lincoln Mark VIII.
Keep in mind that Ford & Lincoln Air Springs generally last 5-10 years, with a few more added if the vehicle is/was garage kept at sometime during its life. Is the rear of your Lincoln Mark VIII down in the morning? If it is, your Air Springs ARE leaking and need to be replaced. Procrastination will surely cost you more in the long run, as more & more already old parts, will be damaged from the heat of being overworked. Don't take a chance when you can get a new Mark VIII Air Spring for a fraction of what the dealer wants.

Purchase is for a single new 1993-1998 Lincoln Mark VIII Rear Air Spring, complete with seals to reseal your solenoid at no additional cost.

(Price is for a single air spring - Both sides are the same)

Tired of Dealing with the Air Suspension? Check out our
Mark 8 Suspension Conversion Kit

Is your Air Suspension not working in cold weather? You're not alone!
There you are, driving your Air Suspension vehicle around thinking......"I take care of my car, the suspension won't leave me stranded". Well, unfortunately no matter how much maintenance you do on your vehicle, these high end suspension systems WILL require major repairs sooner or later.
Because these systems include many rubber parts that deteriorate with time, the general lifespan of these systems is ONLY 7-10 years. Yeah, you might get lucky and extend the life of "some" of the major suspension components a little bit more if the vehicle is garage kept most of it's life, but 90% of these systems will experience a major Air Suspension Failure or ABC System failure between the 7-10 year mark! How bad could it be? Depending on the vehicle, the average Air Suspension repair is $3,000!
Is your vehicle already giving you clues that somethings wrong already? Unless you're trained to intelligently decipher the symptoms sooner than later, you WILL wind up walking.....or riding in the cab of a flat bed wrecker with a sweaty guy named Bubba!

What are some of the signs of Air Suspension Failure?
* Computer generated "Suspension Messages" or "Check Suspension" lights on while driving. Even a suspension message, "every once in awhile" is usually the first clue somethings wrong. The wise owner will take action as soon as he/she notices these warnings. *

* Hearing the on-board air compressor run more than it used too and/or it's just louder that it was *

* The Front and/or Rear is down after sitting for awhile *

* During cold temperatures, the car goes down *

* Hissing noise when weight is added to the vehicle and/or getting in or our of the vehicle *

What Could Be Wrong?
#1 Air spring(s) could be leaking
#2 Air Compressor
#3 Sensors
#4 Module
#5 Wiring Problem=$100-$150 per hour, until the problem is fixed
#6 Capable Mechanic that can diagnose system =Good Luck!
(we've found out only 1 in 20 mechanics know how to diagnose air problems)

What are the Advantages of Converting to a Conventional Coil Spring Suspension?
#1) Converting to Coil Springs is like going back "Old-School". No magic, no mystery....just good old fashioned reliability. A solid Steel coil spring keeps you & your family from being stuck on the side of the road, rather than relying on a 2mm thick piece of rubber to hold air in like a balloon! Remember, NOTHING is more reliable than a steel coil spring.

#2) No matter how cold it gets, the suspension will NEVER go down! Any vehicle with air suspension can't say the same.

#3) Converting to Coil Springs Saves You Money Now......and Later! You'll spend a fraction of the cost to convert, but then....You're Done. No more trips to the dealer for them to "try" other parts trying to fix your air suspension. Unfortunately, we've found that only 1 in 20 mechanics know how to effectively diagnose & repair these high end air suspension systems.....or worse yet, Hydraulic (Active Body Control) systems.

#4) Our springs have a Lifetime Warranty. All our kits include the Best Coil Springs on the planet, so matter how long you own your car, you're covered. As apposed to the air suspension, where if you keep the vehicle long enough....you'll have to do the same repair over again.

#5) One less thing in a High-Tech world to worry about. These newer cars with air suspension, with their compressor, rubber air bladders, multiple sensors, solenoids & miles of wiring, are great when they're new. The newness quickly wears off when you find out how much it's going to cost to keep the the factory system maintained.

What's the good news? You can convert most vehicles for 1/4 the cost of a major system repair!

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