1997-2002 Lincoln Navigator, Ford Expedition Rear Air Spring ( 2WD)
Lincoln Navigator Ford Expedition Airbag


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1997-2002 Lincoln Navigator, Ford Expedition Rear Air Spring (2WD)

Having Air Suspension problems? If the rear of your Lincoln or Ford is going down overnight or even worse, going down while being parked a short time, most likely you have at least one leaking Navigator or Expedition Airbag. While most people will think an intermittent leak down problem has to be an electrical issue, they couldn't be more wrong as this is a textbook symptom of an airbag leak. Keep in mind the rubber air bladder used on these airbags is only 2mm thick. The colder it is outside, the harder the rubber is and the harder it is to seal itself of any dry rot cracks. Depending on how the vehicle was stored during its lifespan, they generally last approximately 10 years before leaking starts. With all this being said, the sooner an air suspension leak is fixed, the less the repair bill will be. Still not sure what's wrong, feel free to call our air suspension sales team or use our troubleshooting guide and leak test recommendations on the bottom of this page. For those wanting to quit the air suspension game and make your Navigator or Expedition more reliable, install a Coil Conversion Kit and be done with the problem forever!

This Navigator or Expedition Airbag Includes:

  • New Direct Replacement Unit...NOT rebuilt.
  • Seals to re-seal your solenoids.

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Lincoln Navigator & Ford Expedition Air Suspension

Help and Common Problems

Does the Airbag come with a solenoid?

No. This airbag does not include a replacement solenoid, but it does include new seals to reseal your existing solenoids. being in the business for over 30 years we can tell you with faith that the stock factory Ford solenoid was an outstanding design. They rarely fail....but MUST be resealed after removal and especially if the airbag(new surface to seal on) is being replaced.

Why is your Airbag better?

Times are tough for everyone, so sometimes we have no choice but to source out parts from other countries if they're not economically available through US manufacturers. Let's be honest, would you want to spend $700 for a pair of New Ford OEM airbags on a 15-year-old Town Car that's worth $1,000 with a full tank of gas? I'm guessing probably not. It's been our experience being in this business for over 30 years that there is good China stuff......and bottom of the barrel China stuff. ALL our parts, including our airbags, are parts we use and have used over the years ourselves in our own vehicles. It's quite simple, if we have a problem with a part, we won't carry it! As long as we've been in the business, we know the good from the bad and can see a junk part a mile away.

Is this aftermarket airbag as good as the New Ford?

No. But if you do the math they're a bargain any day of the week! A New OEM Lincoln Navigator and Ford Expedition Airbag lasts approx. 10 years and costs $350 EACH which works out to cost $35 per year. Compare that to a good aftermarket airbag that lasts approx. 8 years and costs $45 which works out to very low cost of $5.62 a year!

Is replacing an airbag something a DIY guy could do?

It's impossible for us to know your mechanical abilities, but if you're mechanically inclined and are good working on cars, I would recommend doing this job!

Is it a good idea to replace the air suspension dryer at the same time?

Yes, it is a good idea to replace the dryer. Due to the low mounting position of the air suspension compressor on Navigators and Expeditions, they have always had a problem with excessive moisture. Keep in mind that an excessive moisture problem can easily take out even a New Ford air suspension compressor costing $500 or more. In a nutshell, if you want to keep the air suspension but you don't want to break down constantly.....fix any leaks immediately and keep the system dry! If you're not willing to spend some money and time keeping the system up, we would highly recommend doing a spring conversion on your Navigator or Expedition.

Why does your airbag look different than mine?

The Airbag in the picture is brand new and has no air in it. It will look just like yours when it is filled with air and installed on the car.

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Lincoln Navigator or Ford Expedition Airbag


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