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If you are the proud owner of an air suspension equipped Lincoln Navigator or Ford Expedition, if you have it long enough, you WILL experience some type of Air Suspension problem at some time or another. Most people don't realize it, but a Lincoln or Ford air suspension system consists of wear items. Just like tires and brakes, the parts will wear out due to time and/or mileage and they will need to be replaced. The cold hard truth is that these parts are pre-designed by the manufacturer to have an approximate 10-year lifespan. The idea is, is for you to be out of warranty where you're responsible for the entire repair bill! With that being said, don't get used to the idea of the air suspension system being flawless forever because it's only a matter of time before some hard-core repairs are required.

One of the biggest problems you'll have when owning a Ford or Lincoln air suspension vehicle is finding someone that has been trained on and really understands the air suspension system. Understanding it well enough that they can actually diagnose, repair and fix the actual "root cause"(what started the problem to begin with) -AND- do this all on the first visit!! The shop is paid a whopping $50-$200 per hour, so you would hope they would be well trained and know more about these systems than you do. Instead, most of he time, you'll end up with nothing more than a band-aid on the problem. We have found in 30 years of being in this business, that only 1 in 20 mechanics is sufficiently trained on these Lincoln and Ford air suspension systems. The issue is, rather than finding the root cause of the problem to begin with, the band-aid just got things working temporarily and in time may require multiple parts to be replaced again. Using the band-aid way of fixing things leads to multiple expensive visits to the shop, each costing hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars.

Another problem is finding quality replacement parts. With the market being flooded with cheap Chinese knockoff parts these days, finding replacement parts that are even close as good as the original, is getting harder and harder to come by. That really only leaves you one way to keep the air suspension in tip top working shape and that's bu always purchasing New Ford parts and have them installed by someone fully trained in this area. Unfortunately, this usually means the dealer! (ouch)

Fortunately, there's a less expensive, longer lasting solution. With keeping the age and resale value of the vehicle in mind, the least expensive, longest lasting option is to convert to a conventional coil spring type suspension system. It's a simple procedure that quickly, safely and permanently converts your vehicle to a much more reliable coil spring system. Do yourself a favor and find your vehicle below and choose whatever kit fits in your budget. On the 4x4 or AW/D models, we DO recommend converting the front and rear to keep from having problems later on.
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Lincoln Navigator Air Suspension Conversion Kit Lincoln Navigator Air Suspension Conversion Kit

1998-2002 Navigator 4W/D

1998-2002 Navigator 4W/D Rear Only
Lincoln Navigator Air Suspension Conversion Kit

1998-2002 Navigator & Expedition 4W/D - Front

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Lincoln Navigator Air Suspension Conversion