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Mercedes E500 Air Suspension Conversion Kit


Mercedes E500 Suspension Conversion

The Mercedes Airmatic system with adaptive damping, while designed to provide improved ride comfort and vehicle dynamics, is an extremely complex system of height, pressure & acceleration sensors. The two electronic systems has the ability to work in four different settings to match the damping power for each wheel automatically to the driving situation and road surface.
The level control incorporated in the system, ensures that ground clearance and handling remain almost completely constant. The vehicle height is automatically lowered at speed in order to reduce aerodynamic drag. When the vehicle decelerates it is then automatically returned to the normal default driving height.
If needed, the driver can raise the vehicles' height manually. If the vehicle speed increases beyond a certain point, the drivers selected height is automatically overrode and the vehicle reset to normal driving level.
The Mercedes E500 comes from the factory with the Airmatic DC suspension that electronically juggles 20 times per second, four stages of shock-absorber damping, two levels of air spring stiffness, and variable ride height at all four wheels to achieve the optimal balance between ride and handling.
With all this being said and keeping in mind the age and value of the vehicle, do you really want to put a ton of money into this hi-tech air suspension system when you could nip those problems in the bud NOW and never have this problem again with Mercedes E500 Suspension Conversion Kit?
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Mercedes E500 Air Suspension Conversion
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2003-2006 E500