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Audi Air Suspension Conversion

Having Audi Air Suspension Problems? If your Audi is 10+ years old, the air suspension system on your A8 WILL soon require some major repair costs. Remember, it’s not a matter of IF it will fail......but more like when! Being that it's almost impossible to drive a Audi with a malfunctioning air suspension system, you must decide if it’s best FOR YOU to spend thousands of dollars on a 10+ year old Audi….or simply make it more reliable by removing the air suspension system completely and installing an Audi Air Suspension Conversion kit from American Air Suspension. Our kits require no drilling, cutting or welding. They come with illustrated instructions and offer a toll-free tech line in case your mechanic gets stuck on something during the install.

Advantages of Converting to a Conventional Coil Spring Suspension?
#1) Converting to Coil Springs is like going back "Old-School". No magic, no mystery....just good old fashioned reliability. A solid Steel coil spring keeps you & your family from being stuck on the side of the road, rather than a 2mm thick piece of rubber and some air!
#2) Converting to Coil Springs Saves You Money Now & Later on! You'll spend a fraction of the cost to convert, but then....You're Done. No frequent trips to the dealer for them to "try" other parts trying to fix your air suspension.
#3) Our springs have a Lifetime Warranty. All our kits are made with Eibach springs, so matter how long you own your car, you're covered. As opposed to the air suspension, where if you keep the vehicle long enough....you'll have to do the same repair over again.
#4) One less thing in a High-Tech world to worry about. These newer cars with air suspension, with their compressor, rubber air bladders, multiple sensors, solenoids & miles of wiring, are great when they're new. The newness quickly wears off when you find out how much it's going to cost to keep the the factory system maintained.
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Audi A8 Air Suspension Conversion Kit Audi Allroad Suspension Conversion Kit

2004-2009 A8

2000-2005 Allroad Wgn.
Can I drive my Audi A8 with a Failed Air Suspension?
Depending on what failed and to what degree, yes & no. This is just one reason why we recommend doing a Air Suspension Conversion on a Audi A8?
If the vehicle still has a good bit of air remaining in the air bladder, yes, with the suspension switch off, you could probably drive the vehicle for a while. Keep in mind that with the air suspension switch turned off(as the owner's manual recommends when there's a problem), what is working in the system will not try to make ANY adjustments. With this is mind, if the system has leak(s) it will go down especially while driving and not even try to keep it pumped up. Why not keep the suspension switch turned on? Depending on what's wrong with the system, if there's a malfunction in the system, you want to turn it off where nothing can over-pump and possibly explode an air bladder.
If your vehicle has very little to no air in the bladders, driving your vehicle is a major safety risk to you and anyone around you! When there's no air in the air spring, the only suspension your riding on is the air in the tires! You'll see real quick that's nothing to speak of. The suspension will be so hard, so abrupt that the vehicle could easily change directions because of hitting just 1 bump.

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