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Audi Allroad Suspension Conversion Kit
Audi Allroad Suspension Conversion Kit

Application: 2000-2005 Allroad Wagon
Note: spring & strut color may vary

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2000-2005 Audi Allroad Suspension Conversion Kit

Audi Allroad Suspension Conversion Kit

Are you having Audi Allroad suspension problems? Are you asking yourself if you should stay with the air suspension or do a Audi Allroad Air Suspension Conversion Kit and be done with those problems forever? Rather than continuing with the never-ending air suspension game, why not pull the trigger on a more permanent and actual "solution" where you'll never have to deal with the threat of a suspension breakdown ever again? Just think, after a coil conversion, you're never in need of that "special mechanic" that can hopefully diagnose the Allroad's air suspension problems. No level sensor problems, no valve block problems. Converting to coil springs is a quick and easy way to go back old school so any mechanic can work on your car. American Air Suspension can supply you with the best kit on the market to cancel out those mega-expensive Air Suspension repairs and increase your Audi's reliability! As far as cost goes, the Front & Rear Audi Allroad Suspension Conversion Kit is less than replacing just one air strut alone. This Audi Allroad Coil Spring Conversion Kit comes with all the parts you need to safely and thoroughly convert your Allroad to a conventional coil spring type suspension without all the air suspension headaches.

This Audi Allroad Suspension Conversion Kit Includes:Get FREE Shipping on this kit!

  • Front and Rear Name Brand Strut and Spring Assemblies.
  • Easy to follow instructions clearly show how to install the conversion kit.
  • Instructions how to disarm the Audi Allroad Suspension Warning Light.
  • These high-quality Allroad parts are proudly made in the United States.
  • Install help: Toll-Free tech line.
  • The Audi Allroad Suspension Conversion Kit is equipped with a lifetime warranty to provide added security and comfort for an extended period.

Why Buy Allroad Suspension Parts From American Air Suspension?

Expert Experience You Can Trust

Nobody knows these systems better! The owner of American Air Suspension(AAS) was a Ford/Lincoln Certified Air Suspension Expert for over 20 years. During this time, he quickly learned what the best parts were and which parts to leave for "the other guys." You can trust AAS to bring you only the best parts available for your Audi Allroad Suspension. Learn More About Us »

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Audi Allroad Air Suspension Help and Common Problems

What about the Audi Allroad suspension light?

No. Our installation guide shows you how to trick the computer, so there's no suspension warning message ever again!

Why is your Audi Allroad Suspension Conversion Kit better than others?

Our Audi Allroad Suspension Conversion Kit is comprised of the absolute best Struts and Coil Springs available! For more in-depth information or product questions, don't hesitate to contact us at 1-866-211-7531 or email us.

Does my mechanic have to cut or weld anything?

No. Our Audi Allroad Coil Spring Conversion Kit is designed for a bolt-in installation.

My air suspension hasn't gone out yet, how do I know it will go out?

That is one of the biggest misconceptions about air suspension. Many Audi Allroad owners say...."if my air suspension goes out, I'm gonna keep it original". The fact is, ANY air suspension equipped vehicle WILL require major air system repairs somewhere around 10 years old. It doesn't matter if the car is a Mercedes, Lexus, Lincoln or BMW, they are all pre-designed with a 10 year lifespan. The lifespan can be extended somewhat if the car was garage kept most of its life, but the majority out there will experience signs of air suspension failure right at the 10-year mark. Why 10 years? The high-tech "rolling lobe" type air bladder that is used on automotive air suspension systems is only 2mm thick and just like any piece of rubber, it will deteriorate and dry rot in time if it has to deal with a hostile environment(like under a car). The rubber companies that make these air bladders for the car companies have figured out how to make sure the vehicle is well out of warranty coverage by the time the major, more expensive parts fail. In a nutshell, it's not a matter of "if" the air system will fail, it's a matter of "when". By converting to coil springs, you'll never have to worry about Audi Allroad suspension problems again!

How many hours does it take to install the Audi Allroad Suspension Conversion Kit?

You should figure between 4-5 hours times the shops labor rate, but this can vary greatly depending on the shop.

Will the car sit lower than it did with the air?

No, our Audi Allroad Suspension Conversion Kits are designed to be at regular factory ride height. If your vehicle has adjustable settings, the height should be in the middle.

Audi Allroad Suspension Conversion Kit

Audi Allroad Suspension Conversion Kit
When installing an Audi Allroad Suspension Conversion Kit, always use EXTREME caution when lifting the car. We recommend referring to the factory shop manual for lifting instructions and lifting points. Please read the instructions carefully before attempting installation. If you have problems during the install, then feel free to call our toll-free tech line at the number provided in the instructions that were sent with your kit.

Tools Needed for Audi Allroad Suspension Conversion Kit:
Metric Socket Set
Floor Jack
Jack stands
Metric Wrenches
Screwdrivers(Phillips-head & Flat-head)
Wire Cutters/stripper/crimping tool
Level Work area
Allen Wrenches
Extra Person

We recommend this installation in 5 general categories:
Read general service precaution
Support the vehicle in a level area
Remove air suspension air struts
Install conversion struts
Disable ride control

* Lift vehicle and remove wheels.
* Remove the residual air pressure from the front air spring. To deflate air spring, carefully remove the air fitting from the top of the air spring.
* Loosen and remove the lower shock bolt.
* Remove the pinch bolt from the front of the control arms.
* Loosen the three top bolts under the hood. Leave one bolt finger tight to prevent the assembly from falling out.
* Remove both ball joints from the front suspension. Make sure to secure the front hub assembly to eliminate any stress on the brake lines and front driveshafts.
* Have another person hold the strut assembly while you remove the last remaining bolt. Carefully remove the strut assembly from the vehicle.
* Using a 12 point torque bit, remove the six upper shock mounting bolts. remove the top cast aluminum shock cap.
* With the upper cast piece and the new coil strut, align the forked bottom of the shock centered on the center mounting point of the upper mount.
* Begin by lifting the strut back into position and aligning the pin at the front right of the center mounting hole. Install upper three bolts to hold the strut and tighten.
* Center the fork onto the lower control arm bushing and install the factory mounting bolt and tighten.
* Reinstall the ball joints back into the knuckle assembly and affix with the factory hardware removed. A pair of pliers can help in seating the ball joints.

Front Audi Allroad Coil Spring Conversion Kit is now complete.

* Start by removing the remaining air pressure from the rear air spring. To deflate the air spring, carefully remove the air fitting from the bottom.
* Loosen and remove the upper mounting plates bolts.
* Remove the lower shock bolt connecting the shock to the lower control arm.
* With the shock absorber loose, disconnect the upper mount from its mounting perch by collapsing the shock absorber and by pushing downward on the upper plate.
* With the upper mount dislodged, pull the air shock assembly up and out of the lower control arm.
* With the aid of a large pair of pliers, compress the parking brake lever and remove the cable.
* Remove the parking brake cable retaining clip, and slide the cable out of its mount. Set aside. You will need this later on.
* Remove the bolt securing the wheel speed sensor on the front side of the wheel hub. Let the sensor hang.
* Locate the height sensor bracket on the back left of the lower control arm. remove its mounting nut from the inside of the control arm to free the height sensor.
* Next, loosen but DO NOT remove the lower control arms rearmost bolts.....to eliminate binding during installation.
* Using a paint marker or permanent marker, mark the eccentric bolt alignment at the knuckle and remove it, being sure to turn the nut on the backside. The control arm will now hang free.
* Install the rear shock up from the bottom, making sure the locating pins are facing outward. Install the two factory upper mounting bolts and tighten.
* Swing the control arm up to align the shock bushing to its mounting hole. Spacers are provided for the shock bushing, and you will use one per side. Secure with the factory hardware.
* Using a floor jack, lift directly under the shock mount until you can align the knuckle bolt.
NOTE: USE CAUTION not to lift the car off the jack stands!!
* Align the marks previously made on the eccentric bolt and tighten the nut. Go back and tighten the rearmost bolts of the lower control arm.
* Finish by re-installing the wheel speed sensor, parking brake cable, and height sensor.
NOTE: The air hose can be tied off or doubled back into the open clips already installed.

The Front and Rear Audi Allroad Suspension Conversion Kit is complete and you'll never have to worry about those Audi Allroad suspension problems again!

We highly recommend having a 4 wheel alignment done after a week or so
(after the springs settle)

Nobody Has a Better

Audi Allroad Coil Spring Conversion Kit

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5 of 5 The entire buyers experience was a positive one March 3, 2016
Reviewer: G. Thompson from IRVINE,CA.  
The entire buyers experience was a positive one. The man I spoke with seemed to be genuine and extremely knowledgeable. The package was delivered quickly and my mechanic said it was easy to install. The ride is wonderful and gives me a good feeling, knowing I dont have to worry about the air system any longer.

Thanks again,
G. Thompson

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5 of 5 I would recommend 100% December 9, 2015
Reviewer: Heather H. from Saint Peters, MO.  
Super guys to deal with and got my kit really fast. Kit looked nice and makes my car ride great. I would recommend 100% Thanks Heather

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  3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 gives me back the ride I've missed November 24, 2015
Reviewer: William M. from Victoria,TX.  
The air started to act up almost 10 years to the day, just like they said it would! The kit purchased looks great and gives me back the ride I've missed for years. I highly recommend American Air! William

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  2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Saved a bunch of money November 11, 2015
Reviewer: Bethany F. from Katy,TX.  
The dealership said it was going to cost $3K to fix my air ride, but they said it may need more? Not falling for that, I called American Air and my cars air problems are gone forever. Thank you for all the time on the phone. B.

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  8 of 8 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 My Audi rides like a dream! November 3, 2015
Reviewer: Tonya H. from Randallstown,MD.  
Thank you for all that you've done for me and getting me back on the road. My Audi Allroad rides like a dream! Prettiest shocks I've ever seen and sporty too!
Tonya H.

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