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A Jaguar XJ8 airbag will always leak worse while being driven. The system has the power to make any adjustments it needs during this time which makes it worse. In this time, the entire system must work 2-10 times more than it was designed to, to make up for these leaks. What normally happens is, an XJ8 owner will usually go six months to a year with an airbag leak before they even realize there's a problem. When they do realize something's amiss, it's because they see the vehicle going, down, and they assume the problem just started. In reality, they have already driven the vehicle for six months to a year with leaks and have surely done damage to key components in the system.

......or you can simply install a Jaguar Suspension Conversion on your XJ8 or XJR and NEVER worry about this again!

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Jaguar XJ8 XJR Air Suspension Conversion Kit

2004-2010 XJ8 or XJR
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