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Lincoln Air Suspension Conversion Kit

Lincoln Air Suspension Conversion Kit

Ford & Lincoln has been putting air suspension systems on their vehicles since 1984, which helped the Blue Oval turn out some of the best riding cars & trucks on the planet! Over that 30+ year period, the systems used on the early Marks and Continentals might have been state of the art then, but by todays standards, they were as close to basic as you can get. Fast forward to the present day and you find many vehicles with multiple suspension systems all wrapped into one. Not only do the vehicles of today self-level, they also adjust the shock dampening and even adjust steering assist, all depending on vehicle speed and driving style.

As with all high-tech toys, things are well and good when everything works like new, but boy will someone pay the price when the vehicle gets around 10 years old. Take the four air bags on the Lincoln Navigator. Four good replacement parts by themselves are $3k! That's not a compressor solenoids ir height sensors.....that's just the air bags.

Why would you want to pay $3k for maintenance items when the cars not worth much to begin with? The answer is....you don't have too. Convert your car to a conventional coil spring type suspension and triple the reliablitlty of your car immediatley.

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