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Lincoln Navigator Air Suspension Conversion Kit
Lincoln Navigator Air Suspension Conversion Kit


Application: 1998-2002 Navigator 4W/D -Front & Rear Complete Kit

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Part#: FX14B

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1997-2002 Lincoln Navigator Air Suspension Conversion Kit

Lincoln Navigator Air Suspension Conversion Kit

Are you having air suspension problems on your 4x4 Expedition? Now is the time to make the decision to repair the air suspension or do a Lincoln Navigator Air Suspension Conversion Kit and be done with that problem forever! It's important to know that ALL air suspension systems WILL fail in time. This is largely due to the approximate 10-year lifespan that is pre-engineered into the airbags. Being in this business for over 30 years, we have found that a leak will usually go unnoticed for 6 months to a year before the driver even realizes there’s a problem. During this time, the system may need to work 2-20 times MORE than it was designed too. When the driver does finally realize something is wrong, it’s because either the leak is so bad that the system can’t make up for it + do its job like it was designed too…..or one or more air suspension parts has been damaged and can’t do its job like it was designed too. Lucky for Lincoln Navigator owners, we now offer a complete 4 wheel conversion for vehicles that came from the factory with air suspension. No more replacing parts or “trying other parts” in order to fix a problem. No need to find that special mechanic that actually knows how to work on the air….rather than just replace parts! American Air Suspension offers this Premium Front & Rear Lincoln Navigator Air Suspension Conversion Kit for your 4x4, which will eliminate those expensive air suspension repairs forever, all while retaining the factory ride height all day.....every day! This kit comes with everything you need to do the Suspension Conversion and requires no cutting, drilling or welding.

This Lincoln Navigator Air Suspension Conversion Kit Includes:

  • Converts Front & Rear.
  • Brand Name Front Coil-Over Shocks.
  • Brand Name Rear Springs.
  • Optional Rear Shock Packages.
  • Easy to follow instructions clearly show technicians how to install the new conversion kit.
  • Instructions included to disarm suspension warning message on your Navigator.
  • These high-quality parts are proudly made in the United States.
  • The Lincoln Navigator Air Suspension Conversion Kit is equipped with a lifetime warranty to provide added security and comfort for an extended period of time.

Why Buy Lincoln Suspension Parts From American Air Suspension?

Expert Experience You Can Trust

Nobody knows these systems better! The owner of American Air Suspension(AAS) was a Ford/Lincoln Certified Air Suspension Expert for over 20 years. During this time, he quickly learned what were the best parts... and which parts to leave for "the other guys". You can trust AAS to bring you only the best parts available for your Navigator Suspension. Learn More About Us »

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Lincoln Navigator Suspension Help and Common Problems

What about the computer? Won't the suspension light come on?

Absolutely not. The Lincoln Navigator Air Suspension Conversion Kit includes easy to follow instructions on how to defeat the check suspension message.

Do I need to buy the rear shocks in order to convert my Navigator?

No. You "can" convert the vehicle to a conventional coil spring suspension system without replacing the rear shocks, but the ride quality WILL suffer if they're not installed at the same time. We simply don't want to force you to buy something that you may have replaced already, that's why it is an option.

Do you need to cut or weld to install the Lincoln Navigator Air Suspension Conversion Kit?

No, never. These kits are designed to be a bolt-on installation. Installation instructions are included.

Are those coil-over shocks for the front?

Yes, they're for the Front. The AW/D (4X4) Navigator has air suspension in the front & the rear. While the rear is more well known as a leak problem with it's airbags, the Front air shocks will eventually sag down too.....even if they aren't leaking. In other words, if you don't do a front conversion as well, the front WILL sag after a couple weeks or so.

How many hours to install the Lincoln Navigator Air Suspension Conversion Kit?

You should generally figure between 2-3 hours times the shops labor rate, but this can vary greatly depending on the shop.

What's the ride height after installing the kit?

Just like installing any new coil spring, the vehicle will be a tad bit high for 1-2 weeks until the springs settle. After that 2 week period, your vehicle will be very close to what your vehicle was at when the air suspension was working correctly.

There's No Better

Lincoln Navigator Air Suspension Conversion

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5 of 5 you cant get better service anywhere November 19, 2015
Reviewer: Lisa G. from Irving,Tx.  
Heres my story. Im leaving in less than a week for a long trip to see my parents when I find my Navi squatting. I call around and send several emails because I can't find anyone open at 9:30(central) at night that knows anything about this stuff. Thinking(praying) that this might be something small, I start doing some research on some of the Lincoln forums. No matter where I go, I keep seeing the same thing over and over again. "Call Eddie at American Air Suspension". So I did some research on Eddie and found him to be an ex-lincoln tech that specialized in air suspension! I thought, "maybe Ill get lucky and he'll reply back in time so I can still go on my trip. Long shot, but possible im thinking. I get a reply THAT SAME NIGHT!! Even though it was several hours after closing time, he offered to call me and discuss the problem with my Navi. After speaking with him for almost an hour, I learned not only what was wrong with my car, but what made that part go bad in the first place! I asked him what he would do in my shoes. He said considering the age of the vehicle and what its worth, he would recommend converting to coil springs rather than fix the air. I took his advice and installed the kit myself and have been happy ever since! Thanks for your time Eddie and Ill recommend you to everyone!

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5 of 5 Above & beyond the call of duty!!!! November 3, 2015
Reviewer: Sam O. from Jacksonville,Fl.  
Let me tell you our story......here I was heading out west with the family. We get a day away from home when the air system died on our Navigator. The first mechanic we found looked at it and said it would cost over $1k for the parts, another $400-$500 for labor and it would take about a week to get the parts. There goes the vacation we thought. After looking online, I found several sites referring people to American Air Suspension. I called and spoke with Ed, which knew this stuff like the back of his hand!

Anyway, not only did he bend the rules for me and ship a kit somewhere other than the billing address to help me out of a jam, he told me a way to get the rear of my Navi up temporarily, so I could continue to drive it to our 1st motel stop. The kit was waiting for us at the motel, where A local shop was able to install the kit in a few hours all while we enjoyed our vacation! With Ed's help, we were able to get the Navi fixed cheaper than it was going to cost....all while continuing our vacation plans! You freaking rock!!!

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