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Mercedes Benz S Class 4 Wheel Air Or Hydraulic Suspension Conversion Kit

2000-2006 Mercedes Benz S Class (RWD) 4 Wheel Air or Hydraulic Suspension Conversion Kit

Looking for a Mercedes S Class Air or Hydraulic Suspension Conversion Kit? If you've found this page, we're guessing your Mercedes is more than ten years old and exhibiting an air suspension problem. Whether the symptom is an intermittent suspension message or maybe something seemingly more serious like one or more corners sinking overnight. Believe it or not, both symptoms are indicators of expensive repairs ahead! These air systems are designed to last right at 10-years, which just so happens to be after most warranty policies have expired, before requiring the most expensive repairs. You should keep a few things in mind before spending a dime on this old system. First of all, this system has over 20 parts that will need to be replaced sometime in the future. Just one air strut alone is $1000+, and you have a total of 4 of them on your Mercedes. Even if you replaced all four struts, that's only 4 of 20+ parts in the system. Not including the compressor, solenoid block, module, sensors, etc. You have to wonder if putting that kind of money is wise on a 10+-year-old car. What's the answer? Not only is our Mercedes Air/Hydraulic Suspension Conversion Kit the ideal solution to permanently resolve all air and hydraulic suspension problems forever, but it also increases the reliability of the vehicle at 1/4 the cost! Our conversion kit comes fully equipped with multiple suspension improving attributes using the best Mercedes parts available and a Lifetime Warranty!

  • Fits The W220 Chassis
  • Fits Models: S55, S430, S500
  • NOTE: Kit Does Not Fit 4MATIC Models with All-Wheel Drive

Our Conversion Kit includes:

  • Two Front and Two Rear Struts with Eibach coilover springs.
  • Easy to follow instructions clearly show technicians how to install the new conversion kit.
  • An electronic module is included to cancel out the suspension message on your Mercedes (optional).
  • These high-quality Mercedes parts are proudly made in the United States.
  • The Mercedes Air/Hydraulic Suspension Conversion Kit is equipped with a lifetime warranty to provide added security and comfort for an extended period.

Why Buy Mercedes Suspension Parts From American Air Suspension?

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Nobody knows these systems better! The owner of American Air Suspension(AAS) was a Ford/Lincoln Certified Air Suspension Expert for over 20 years. During this time, he quickly learned what parts were best and the parts to leave for "the other guys." You can trust AAS to bring you only the best parts available for your Mercedes Suspension. Learn More About Us »

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Mercedes S Class Air/Hydraulic Suspension

Help and Common Problems

What about the computer? Won't the suspension light come on?

The suspension warning message will be automatically canceled out ONLY with the use of our electronic module that is an optional add on for this kit.

Why is your kit better than any others?

Our Mercedes Air Suspension Conversion Kit has the absolute BEST Struts and Coil Springs on the market! For more in-depth information or product questions, don't hesitate to contact us at 1-866-211-7531 or email us.

Does my mechanic have to cut or weld anything?

No. Our kit is designed to be a bolt-on installation with installation instructions and a toll-free tech line included.

How does the vehicle ride/handle after installing the Mercedes Air/Hydraulic Suspension Conversion Kit?

To this date, we have only had positive reviews about the ride quality after a Mercedes S Class conversion, as most are blown away on how well the vehicle handles after the conversion is completed.

Why won't your website allow me to order something from another country?

With all the credit card fraud today, ANY order outside the US must be called in and paid for by bank transfer.

The cost to ship this kit to another country is very high. Do you have any other options?

After paying by bank transfer, we can ship your kit through UPA to a ship forwarding company of your choosing in the US. They would then take it from there and ship it to you. Arrangements with the forwarding company would be your responsibility.

How long does it take to install the Mercedes Air/Hydraulic Suspension Conversion Kit?

You should figure between about 1 hour per wheel.

Do I have to remove the compressor, module, and other parts?

No. The remaining air suspension parts can safely remain on the vehicle.

There's No Better
Mercedes S Class Air or Hydraulic Suspension Conversion Kit